Thirty’s the new Twenty

They’re everywhere, on TV Series, books, headlines, corporation directions, politics, alone at restaurants, or picking up the children from school. A lot has been sad about the women in the thirties, but the best word to define that stage of women life is fascination.

Woman Stands on Mountain over Field Under Cloudy Sky at Sunrise

A man appear to have dinner at a restaurant before his buddy, sit and suddenly gets blind by the girls sitting at the front table enjoying her lunch alone. What blinds him? Serenity, self-love, authenticity, joy, life recognition, all materialize a deep beauty of a female figure.

She looks so beautiful, as, at this time of her life, she does not have to hunt for herself anymore. Knows, that could choose, that’s fine to be alone, and that is very good to be her. She chose to have a health diet that includes, self-respect,┬ápeace of mind, and appreciating. All that she wants, is to be free to be herself without any boundaries.

She want to meet someone and let herself get sexually improved with the character. She understands that she can have sex at any time, and there’s no need to hurry, because knowing the individual, make sex much better. Knowing the individual makes every detail of the character a sex appeal. Intelligence, sense of humour, charm, malice, adventure, culture, grimaces, voice tone are spoiling to miss it. She is sure that when you know the individual, is hard to know what is better, philosophize before or after sex. She coordinates the traffic around her bed and is happy for that.

She likes roses, desire it, isn’t shame about it and who don’t need to give her roses is free to take his manner. Roses translate into tenderness, love, friendship, value, Animal control near me, care, and fire. She also distributes roses when, as an instance, do not care about the game, but for the cold beer she might finish and because she is concentrated in do something intriguing to her.

Her friends are friends and are irreplaceable. There is space for everything and everyone in her heart. She enjoys women, admire them and is proud to be one.

Is fine to not have children, she knows that when it will be, will be. Maternity is her character spectacle and must be desire and exploited when she determines.

For her, love isn’t an insanity passion, love is balance. She knows that when the emotion is over, there’s no way to safeguard love and is OK to let it go.

These reasons represent the meaning of the word woman.

When his friend arrives for lunch, he says: “She is fascinating.”


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