When does school start?

We’ve hit the mid-summer lull. If it were a standard July, which it hasn’t been, we might call this time the “dog days of summer” when the days are sultry and sticky and those beautifully cool autumn evenings could not come quicker. Here in the midwest, we are still awaiting the 80-degree days to stick around long enough to grab a sun tan.
However, we have reached the point where our weekends are stockpiled with activities, vacations and other commitments from now til Labor Day, while the weekdays are somewhat mundane and lagging. Younger kids have day camp or special interest camps because of their favourite sports to look forward to, while their parents set up play dates and pool parties.

2 Girl's Swimming during Daytime
As a kid, I remember days once the summer got downright boring because of the lack of activities I had planned to get a summer break. My mother would yell at us to switch off the TV and go play outside. Into my teenage years, summer break got a bit more interesting with friends to hang out with, preferably those with cars
However, between those day camp years and the free-flying teenage years, many parents may be wondering about matters for tweens to do during the summer break. What age is a tween? Generally tweens are between grade school and high school – too old for some things and too young for many others.
So here’s a couple of ideas for quick summer crafts for your tweens, if they are babysitting the neighborhood kids or having a fun day to themselves. You shouldn’t ever run out of things for tweens to do during the summer break! Get artistic with your favorite summer journal – decorate the cover with colorful beads and fabrics – and take notes in style as you sit on the shore writing about life lessons learned the hard way.
2. Produce a summer fun scrapbook page that documents your family holiday and fun hangouts with friends. Can it be the old-fashioned way with magazine cut-outs and cololrful markers so that you don’t need to drop a huge amount of money on scrapbooking supplies!
3. For the crochet-crowd out there, make your own summer tote bag using a free crochet pattern you can find online at Favecrafts. What girl doesn’t love it? Pick up some colorful beads and appropriate sterling silver wires at your local craft store and have a ball creating your own bracelets, earrings, Cape Canaveral Rat Removal and bracelets. Recycled aluminum coffee cans can be used and decorated to your next significant barbecue at the home. Covering the cans with decorative fabric will change the aluminum into fancy silverware and napkin holders for the outdoors.
6. If you’re a gardening family, have your tweens create garden creatures using clay pots. A fun little turtle just takes 3 different sized pots stacked on top of each other. Paint it green and decorate it to be the cute little garden creature that it’s.
7. At age 12 I had begun collecting candles of all kinds. Try making your own beeswax candles by buying beeswax honeycomb texture sheets in the craftstore combined with several inches of wick. Candles are cool, but even cooler when they’re handmade.
8. If your tweens are babysitting, have them create beverage coasters by using old bottle caps and gluing them to circular pieces of foam.
9. Scour the home for old jewelry, using funky shapes and dimensions, see what you can create using the things you’ve found. Consider taking some of it apart and creating new and enhanced pieces!
10. Last, your children are entering a new stage in their lives, whether they are 10, 11, 12 or even 13. So now could be a fantastic time to create an inspiration journal that compiles things they are interested in and things that inspire them. Go through magazines and be creative with it – it will be a fun memento to look back on!

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